Welcome Back Post…Lol.

Dear readers, 

 It has been a long time since I dropped a post on my blog. This is due to an acute lack of inspiration and several other reasons, but after much thought I decided to revive my blog. During this period of seeming dormancy, I discovered that my pen was kissed by a bat in my absence and so I would sometimes drop pieces tagged “insomniac thoughts”. I would also feature other poets from time to time and make provision for micro poetry (because poetry has a mind of its own and can decide to be short if it so wishes). I wrote a few pieces with my rusty pen some time ago, so please forgive me if they seem mediocre…what can a rusty pen produce afterall?  I will drop them one after the other. Watch me polish my rusty pen with the last atom of patience in me. I hope you enjoy the ride. Tell a poem lover to tell a poem lover. 


Ruth Odikaesieme




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