Queen of Saturday.

Time finally rushed by
It actually did fly 

She dusted the crystalline bling
Entangled in years without a ring

A gown of bright beauty
Over a worthy body

Joy choked air out our nostrils
And blue out of our veins

Saturday, to be queen
And a king to win

With a spoken word
And promises echoed

Two to be joined till death
As love was brought to birth

Snap shots brighter than sunrise
Blinding numerous eyes

Merry has filled the air
Rejoicing because of a pair

May it remain forever, we pray
And forever both of you shall stay.
-By Ruth C. Odikaesieme.

This piece is dedicated to Awurama who got married today and so it was only fitting that I post it today. In twi, Awurama mean “lady born on a saturday” and so she is rightly the queen of saturday. May Jehovah bless your union, Amen.


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