A wish uttered by loved ones in 
openness hidden from the sun,
nurtured by strangers amidst 
drifting time on a ticking surface
filled with new possibilities of 
greater sparkles of eyes clothed 
in forgiving death in-between 

Nine weighty letters clustered 
in a jar of hope, dished out 
in-between kisses under a 
diamond crested sky,striking
a wand over a splintered night
and mending it’s pale bruises in 
navy blue threads vowing to be 
grey to oblivious minds.

Words dropped with a longing, 
a longing to lay a crimson fabric
of happy threads woven into
ecstasy over trembling hearts 
to absorb the fears of earlier 
hours when feet were going 
about the earth in a hurry to catch 
up with time. 
– By Ruth C. Odikaesieme.


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