Burden in a Melody

The radio told stories of superhuman 
weaknesses in a melody carried by 
the wind in the horizon, making 
thoughts of strayed away laughter
visit my insides to cause trembling
of extraordinary proportions
like clashing cymbals bouncing
down the everest on a sunny 

A melody was thrown away and
a burden born.

Sweet sounds left trails of
bitterness grown by your feeble

Truly my heart hoped these
memories would be glazed with 
honey and dipped in milk but
even caramel was far-fetched and
these hopes waned as quickly
as they came, into thin air stripped
of the fragrance of hibiscus
flowers and rose petals distributed
about the earth. 

I sat and wondered why these
memories were poisonous to my
insides and I remembered they
were of you.
-By Ruth C. Odikaesieme.


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