The sun was dipped in their blood
The moon dripping with the tears of children
Wailing was the order of the day
Hearts buried six feet deep
And smoke painting the sky
The trees dried from terror
Leaves running for shelter
My body laid down still 
In a pool of fright 
As I heard screams
And mother earth begging to be spared
Her beauty was being robbed off
One gun shot and then another
One skipped beat and one death
Hope hid in the still rivers
The stench of rotting flesh roved in the air
And happiness was a mirage
My heart raced and I jumped off my bed
Dreading the sight my unconscious has seen.
-By Ruth C. Odikaesieme

N.B: Pardon my very long names. Hehehe! Perks of being an African. I might decide to go with my “RubyRed” later though. I’m being very indecisive about the whole thing.


One thought on “War.

  1. Great piece. It had to awaken my subconscious which was already far away thinking. Where didst these things occur. Then I realised it was a recollection of far away land.


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