The Stranger Across The Hall

His gleaming eyes were all over her
Like breeze blowing past a meadow 
His eyes burrowed into her
Every feature he explored 
Her skin like milk dipped in honey
Her silky black hair
And curves that gave a heart attack
Her body sang to him
Melodious tunes, it exuded
And his heart danced 
It danced to the rhythm 
Her forces pulled him ever closer
Bravery welled up in him
So that he abandoned his fears
And succumbed to the pull.
– by Ruth C. Odikaesieme.


5 thoughts on “The Stranger Across The Hall

  1. I begin to think about my own plight. Really the magnetic field around her made me vulnerable to its strong pull. After so much heartbeats and rehearsals I overcame my shyness to tell her. It didn’t work though, I do understand the power of “attraction”

    it’s a great piece: ‘curves that give heart attack’ …hmm, i wonder if you did some interviews, it raises the blood pressure sister.

    It’s very simple but deep. The descriptions are correct. “his gleaming eyes…” suggests the emotions that dilates in his eyes. According to science pupils become larger when that happens. It is so easy to notice when he starts looking at her photos. Nice write…Love it so much

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