The Little House

The little house was consumed
In the middle of somewhere, it was groomed
Groomed in angry flames
The angry flames built a castle in my frame
A castle of fear
This castle emptied my adrenaline stores
Adrenaline moved my feet off the earth
For a single flashing moment
My heart and soul worked in unison
I rejected death’s call
Zealously I refrained from this venomous embrace
For life itself is a bitter sweet experience
An experience I refused to surrender to death 
This greedy thief
My will was strong
Diamond that could not be cracked
The fire could not shatter 
And death could not squash
Sweetness grew in my heart
Hues in my vessels
So that when this little house was burning 
Burning black and flames
My legs found the way 
And my being obediently followed
The castle of fear crumbled
For there was a little piece
A tiny piece of victory
Victory I had gained over death 
I had crushed the helmet of a warrior
I had put this warrior to shame
Shame that the elements could not clean
And ink could not blot out.
-By Ruth C. Odikaesieme.


3 thoughts on “The Little House

  1. I love this! Seriously I have no idea of the stuffs going through your mind whenever you write. Your complexity is outta this world. You’re amazing my dear 🙂


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