Time Was In A Haste.

The elegant morning strolled by

And peeped through my window

The cocks woke me up

But the birds melodiously sang me back to sleep

My eyes opened reluctantly

And my kidneys wished time would stop

Then reality slapped me out of my slumber

It shot me a stern look

And the peace of the morning disappeared like a candle flame

My being left comfort behind

And ran up and down the house

My thoughts faster than my legs

Adrenaline pooled inside me

The horns sounded their greetings I advanced into the world

The suits and high heeled shoes moved about hastily

The suit cases followed along obediently

Every hand shoved this or that

And the cars waited on the lights

With glances at the watches

And impatience on the wheels

Passengers choked the buses

And every thought or wish went by like light.

Time waited on nobody.

– by Ruth C. Odikaesieme


6 thoughts on “Time Was In A Haste.

  1. laughing my ass @ Andrew’s comment. I agree with him… “Beginning to think u r in de wrong field wit all dis talent.”

    what more can I say? you R.O.C !!!


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